Velocity Motorsports

TimeAttack Insim

Server info:

Set the fastest time with every car, if possible.
Layouts may contains 1 to 6 different stages. From 100% tarmac to 100% gravel.
Track/layout combo may change 1 or 2 times a week.
Type !help to additional information about the server.
Type !times to see the timetable.
Type !report to report a player or a bug.
Players using Cheats/Hacks will be banned from all of our servers.
We are frequently updating the insim to smash bugs or adding new features.

Insim Features:
LFSLapper Insim library.
HUD with info about your time/stage.
Startline System incl False start protection.
Custom Timings.
Object Penalty's.
Yellow Flag system for each stage (slow/stopped drivers).
Split times.
Theoretical Personal Best.
Time Difference between current time (incl penalty's) and Personal Best.
TimeTable with detailed time information.
Help Menu with server & user info.
License Points system.
Achievement system.
Objectives system.

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TimeAttack Ranks and Tracks